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they’re/their/there, it’s/its, you’re/your, way/weigh – and other Homophones Worksheet

Today I’m sharing a very quick homophone worksheet I made for the kids. Some of the words they have to use correctly include: they’re/their/there it’s/its you’re/your way/weigh fare/fair witch/which new/knew right/write This homophone worksheet is free to download. There is an answer sheet too (though I don’t show it below). Hope someone else finds it useful! 🙂 ~Liesl Homophones Worksheet: they’re/their/there, it’s/its, you’re/your, etc. Other related posts that may be...


Grammar Worksheets: it’s or its; they’re, their, or there

I made this practice sheet for the kids to practice choosing between its and it’s  or they’re, their and there.  If anyone else can use this, it’s free to download: Grammar Practice: its-it’s they’re-their-there     We’ve been covering quite a number of different grammar points lately (homophones, commas, apostrophes, underlining and so forth).  You can browse through all our (free) grammar worksheets by clicking on the categories button in...