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Back to Homeschool Challenge 0

Back to Homeschool Challenge!

The Back to Homeschool Challenge: Daily missions to make sure we’re on track for an awesome year! Can you believe that the summer is winding down?! I hope you’ve had a restful, adventurous summer (for those of you in the Northern Hemisphere!). Are you getting ready for the new Homeschool Year?  The Back to Homeschool Challenge gives us 10 days of small daily tasks to make sure we’re ready for...


Back to Homeschool Challenge – Day 1

Up until the last minute, I knew exactly what our first challenge would be… You know it, I know it… We should discuss organization, right?  It’s at the core of keeping things running smoothly during the year.  But then much to my surprise, an idea popped into my head.  I realized there was something more important to tap into first… and this post kind of wrote itself! Cartoon graphic purchased...