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Ancient Greek Gods and Goddesses Packet 0

Ancient Greek Gods & Goddesses Packet Update

This is just a real quick post to let you know that I’ve done a small update to the Ancient Greek Gods & Goddesses Packet. This packet is now about 50 pages and includes a number of activities including Notebook pages about Ancient Greece, the Olympians Lapbook/Interactive Notebook Pieces (with descriptions) Ancient Greek gods & goddesses project cards, writing paper, board game and more! In this update, I added in...

Ancient Greek Gods and Goddesses Packet 0

Ancient Greek Gods and Goddesses Packet

We have a new packet to share with you on the Ancient Greek gods and goddesses! This new unit includes the major Olympian gods and touches on some of the famous mythology of Ancient Greece. This has been a really fun unit. The Ancient Greek Gods and Goddesses Packet includes many different activities from notebook pages to interactive notebook pages, matching cards and an Ancient Greek Gods and Goddesses board...


Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome Worksheets and Activities

Today, I’m going to share a few worksheets and cards about Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome.  These are free to download! These cover highlights such as: Homer Troy the Parthenon The story or Romulus and Remus the Colosseum Julius Caesar Last semester, we read the Story of the World, vol. 1 (affiliate link), which is all about the ancient world. As I said before, ED loved this book! (And her...