I thought it would be helpful to show you just how we make and use Pin Maps in our homeschool.  I did a Facebook Live and took you through the process of making your own.

This post will help you find some of the resources I mentioned in the video.

I wanted to share some of the resources I talked about in that video including the

  • U.S. States and Capitals Packet
  • Montessori-style World Continent Printable (free)
  • Countries of Europe Maps (free)
  • Deserts of the World Pin Map
  • Plus, there are some other geography materials in this post like the Britain Geography and Landmarks Packet and the China Geography and Landmarks Packet which are both currently free. 🙂

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In the FB Live, I was making the regional map of the U.S. Here’s the pre-video setup:

Geography Activity - Pin Maps

My kids have slowly been learning the U.S. States and capitals to go along with our study of American History. We started with the states of the Northeast and then moved on to the Southeast and are making our way west as we study territorial expansion.  This material is all in our US States and Capitals Packet here:

USA States and Capitals Packet

At the beginning of the video, I talked about how we used a Montessori-style world map to help the kids learn the 7 continents.  The free printable I found online many years ago is no longer available. We have Montessori World Map materials here:

Montessori World Map Materials

Montessori World Map Activities and 3-Part Cards

Here’s another free geography printable. This is one you can use as you study the countries of Europe:

You can print the maps in either portrait or landscape. Both are available in this pdf. This is also free to download!

FREE Printable Europe Map: Countries and Flags

Free Printable Map of Europe Countries and Flags

In the video there were a couple of other pin maps I showed you. One was the Deserts of the World Pin Map.

deserts pin mapThe printable is included in our World Facts Packet.

One part of that packet covers geographic features and landforms (terms such as bay, gulf, sound, atoll, channel, strait, cape, mesa, butte and many more). In addition to working with physical maps, it also included some activities on topographic maps. I also added in some fun activities to help learn about famous world landmarks.

World Facts Packet - Geography Landforms

The World Facts Packet covers things such as

  • What are the largest countries? the countries with the largest populations? the largest cities?
  • What is the longest river? tallest mountain? wettest place on earth? the deepest spot?
  • One page that is really intriguing is when the world population reached 1 billion, 2 billion, 3 billion, 4 billion, 5 billion and 6 billion.  The answers really shocked me!

World Facts Packet

World Facts Packet - 70 page unit basic world facts geographic features landforms deserts world landmarks and more

There are two other resources I wanted to mention before I go. These two packets are currently free:

The Britain Geography and Landmarks Packet (currently free)

Britain geography landmarks packet

China Geography and Landmarks Packet (currently free)


Be sure to let me know if any of this was helpful! 🙂 ~Liesl

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