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Preschool at Home: Geography Activities (Maps and More) Ages 4+

There are so many fun things you can do with your preschooler (or elementary kids) to help them gain an understanding of the geography of our amazing world! You can make all kinds of maps to enhance your preschooler’s knowledge of the world. Over the years we have made maps… with sand, dirt and grass seed like our Nile River Valley Out of clay, like our Ancient Greece (and Mediterranean...

Our Homeschool Curriculum (Grades 2 and 4) 6

Our Homeschool Curriculum (Grades 2 and 4)

Lots of people have shared their school plans for this next year in the not-back-to-school blog hop: curriculum week.  In fact, I shared our preschool curriculum plans several weeks ago. Now finally, here are our basic plans for DD and LD this next year.  While they work on their own levels for math and language arts, we do most of our other units together. As you’ll see, much of our day...

Looking Back over the Year, 2009-2010 0

Looking Back over the Year, 2009-2010

This year (2009-2010) our main units included natural disasters,China,  biomes/animal habitats, ancient Greece (we did ancientEgypt just before this school year officially started and before Istarted this blog), flowers and apples (the last two  were gearedmore towards my preschooler).  We also enjoyed lots of scienceexperiments (almost weekly) and the younger kids really enjoyedthe theme time tables.  We did a lot with geography throughout the  year and reallyenjoyed doing  country/continent swaps...