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Brush Your Teeth! (another experiment)

A couple of weeks ago I saw some cute preschool activities about dental health at 2 Teaching Mommies, I was inspired!  We didn’t get to Amber’s ideas, but we did fit in the science activities from 1st grade with Miss Snowden. After talking about the germs in our house (see this post), it seemed fitting to talk about the germs in our mouths. I hard-boiled six white eggs and we...

Where do Germs Grow? 24

Germ Experiment — Where Do Germs Grow in Your House??!

Germ Experiment: When I saw this germ experiment, I knew we had to add this into our unit on First Aid. After all keeping ourselves healthy is as important as patching up the injuries, right?! The experiment called for gelatin, sugar and petri dishes. We didn’t have petri dishes so used paper cups and covered them immediately with glad wrap in lieu of a cover. Boil 1/2 cup of water...


First Aid Unit: Germ Lapbook

Our germ unit took about a week to complete in part because of the amazing germ-experiment we did (more about that next week… the experiment was awesome!).   We talked about the major types of germs: bacteria, viruses, fungi and protozoa.  While fungi can produce athlete’s foot and protozoa can cause giardia and malaria, we didn’t go into much detail about those. Some sources also consider helminths (worms) a germ as...