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Where the Wild Things Are Artwork 0

Where the Wild Things Are Artwork

I saw this art project at Deep Space Sparkle. The kidswere enthusiastic to give it a go. She explains it betterthan I do, but essentially they drew the monster withoil pastels and then used water colors over top. I was amazed at how little guidance they neededonce I explained the steps.  Even DD needed very,very little help.  It is interesting that since doing this art project, DD’sdrawings of people now...

Weave a “tom boy” 0

Weave a “tom boy”

LD’s friend learned how to do this in school;he called it a “tom boy.” I remember doingthis as a girl. To get it started you put a slip knot aroundthe outside of the popsicle of the firststick, above the slip knot. Pull the bottompiece of yarn over the top piece of yarn andslip it off the end. For the first row only,you place the yarn behind the second Popsiclestick. On...

Milky Way Galaxy Art 0

Milky Way Galaxy Art

We studied the Milky Way Galaxy and planets a bit lastyear, but since this was covered in the Montessori “FirstGreat Lesson” that we presented (in our own version)over the weekend, I thought the kids might enjoy doing acouple pictures related to what we talked about. Links about the Montessori Great Lessons (geared forearly elementary aged kids):

Milky Way Art (cont.) 0

Milky Way Art (cont.)

We did two art projects to show the spiral shaped, MilkyWay Galaxy. One was simply sparkles and shiny starspasted onto black paper. For the white pictures, the kids drew the Milky WayGalaxy with a white oil pastel. Then they painted overtheir drawing with black paint. We found that white oilpastels worked MUCH better for the kids than regularcrayola crayons.

Picasso Project — 2 0

Picasso Project — 2

Today we looked a bit more closely at Picasso’s “Still Life.”We did our versions of a still life (complete with lots of‘eyes’). I had the kids draw one continuous line that crossedover itself. Then they filled in the figures using oil pastels. The kids really like the vibrant colors of the oil pastels. You are looking at DD’s picture (and the small print Imade of Picasso’s painting).

Picasso 0


The new artist we put up in the calendar this week wasPablo Picasso. I remembered a wonderful Picasso artlesson at Art Projects for Kids that was aimed at firstgraders.  There’s a similar lesson at Deep Space Sparkle.LD did well with it; he said it was hard, but he wasproud of his picture when he was done. DD colored inone that I outlined and did an impressive job too. Most weeks...

Car Crafts 0

Car Crafts

I had lots of crafts ready for the kids to do in the car. Thepom pom was a huge hit. This isn’t the way I grew upmaking them, so I thought I’d post a few pictures in caseothers of you hadn’t seen this method. It was greatbecause even ED, now 22 months, was able to wrapthe yarn around. Be sure to cut out two circle shapes to make it easier...

Car Entertainment — 2 0

Car Entertainment — 2

The kids also really enjoyed decorating Chinese food take-away boxes (that I got in the local dollar store). I gavethem Christmas stickers and all three kids spent a lotof time carefully covering their boxes. Later in the tripI gave them markers to decorate the box. They also enjoyedcoloring in wooden Christmas ornaments. DD really enjoyed the felt board materials (I added asnowman, Christmas tree and ‘ornaments’, and things likethat. I...

Making Dream Catchers 0

Making Dream Catchers

LD and DD were especially intrigued by the dream catcher.They decided they wanted to make one of their own. Theyeach wrapped yarn around a clothes hanger wire that Ihad shaped into a circle. LD worked very hard (and lateinto the night I might add!) and did his without any parentalhelp. He was very proud of his work. He also tied all theknots on the spider’s web (we haven’t worked much...

Other Activities 0

Other Activities

This week our reading related to Thanksgiving (manyof my read alouds were Thanksgiving books) and LDread a number of Thanksgiving stories and readers. We’ve been busy with all the kids’ outside activities: Kindergym, Tues mornings — mostly for ED but LD’sfriend stays home from school, so he gets to hang outwith his friend all morning. We go early because I helpset up each week, hauling all the mats and equipmentout...

Arts this week 0

Arts this week

LD has decided he loves the last piece inhis piano book. He’s been working very hard tolearn it — it’s amazing what self-motivationdoes. He’s really improving a lot sincehe first started a couple months ago. Today we did crayon melts. The kids werevery excited both in shaving the crayons in thesharpeners (the one on the box worked well,but LD used a hand pencil sharpener he had).They just loved the results.