Weave a “tom boy”

LD’s friend learned how to do this in school;
he called it a “tom boy.” I remember doing
this as a girl.

To get it started you put a slip knot around
the outside of the popsicle of the first
stick, above the slip knot. Pull the bottom
piece of yarn over the top piece of yarn and
slip it off the end. For the first row only,
you place the yarn behind the second Popsicle
stick. On the third popsicle stick again place
the yarn above the slip knot, pull the lower
piece of yarn up and over the yarn and over
the edge of the stick. Once you’ve done
one full row, the kids can begin weaving.

Simply place the yarn above the yarn on
the stick. Pull the lower yarn out and over
the yarn and continue endlessly round the

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