German Clothing Worksheets for Kids – die Kleidung

German Worksheets for Kids – Clothing!

die Kleidung – Vocabulary Worksheets, Cards, Writing Pages and More!

die Kleidung - German Vocabulary Worksheets for ClothingI created a new German Worksheet Packet on die Kleidung (clothing). My kids are review adjective endings and I wanted a set of colorful, bright worksheets that the we could use for review, discussion, and writing!

This new set is in full color and is about 25-pages. It includes fill-in-the-blank pages (where students can write in the word/s in German), matching pages (German word to pictures), picture cards (to use in conversation practice), and writing pages.

There are also a few pages with clothing related adjectives (einfarbig, bunt, gestreift, etc.) if your kids are ready to master words like that.

die Kleidung - German Worksheets for KidsMy kids are going over the tricky adjective endings, so I included the adjective ending charts I made for the kids.

German worksheet Adjective Endings

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German Worksheets die Kleidung Clothes Clothing

The German Clothing Worksheet Packet has been added to German BUNDLE 1.  In this bundle, you will also find the other Kleidung – Clothing Packet which I made for the kids some time back.

The other Kleidung packet includes bingo cards which my kids ♥loved♥ playing!

die Kleidung Clothing German Worksheets

As you can see from the picture above, the other Kleidung worksheet packet has black and white clothing items (for the most part). I had the kids color in some of the clothing cards and used those for conversation practice… not only for colors, but also pretending we were in a shop and asking the shopkeeper how much things cost.


What else is included in German BUNDLE 1?

You can visit our German Store for more pictures and more details and to check out German BUNDLE 2 and 3 as well.

German BUNDLE 1 includes ALL of the packets listed below (for photos you can click on the Quick Preview or scroll below for more pictures.

  • German Conversation Packet – die Familie (2 pdf files)
  • die Tage der Woche
  • German Conversation Packet – die Monaten die Jahreszeiten das Wetter
  • Weather & Seasons Conversation Starters (Bonus Packet!)
  • Weihnachten und Farben
  • German Weather Packet –WinterwörterKrankheitenSchmerzen
  • German Conversation Packet – Kleidung – Clothing (black & white)
  • die Kleidung (in color) – 25 pages
  • German Vocabulary Builder – Valentinstag
  • German Worksheets – Easter Spring Words – Ostern und Frühling
  • die deutschen Zahlen, die Farben

German Bundle 1: $7.99

Don’t forget to check your PayPal email address for the download links! There are 13 pdfs in German BUNDLE 1.

Visit our German Store to check out our other German BUNDLES.

Below are some pictures of what is included in German Bundle 1. Click on the pictures to enlarge!

German Worksheets for Kids - Matching Pages die Familie - the Familydie Familie - German Matching Cards and Games for KidsGerman Weather & Seasons Conversation StartersWeihnachten und Farben German Worksheets for Kids

german-worksheets-winterworter-winter-wordsgerman-worksheets-krankeiten-schmerzen-sick-hurtdie Kleidung Clothing German WorksheetsGerman Clothing Worksheets and Cards - die KleidungValentinstag - German WorksheetsGerman Worksheets Easter Spring Ostern FruhlingGerman Worksheets - die deutschen Zahlen - NumbersGerman Worksheets - die Farben auf DeutschYou can visit our German Store to check out our other German Bundles.

German StoreClick here to find out more about German Bundle 2.

German Worksheets for Kids - Lebensmittel - Food and Drink Worksheets

Freizeit - Hobbies - Was machst du gerneFreizeit das Haus Was machst du - German Worksheetsdas Haus German Worksheets ArbeitsblätterRooms in the House Worksheets - German Worksheets das Haus UnitSommer Wortschatz - German Worksheets and Activities for Kids

Click here to see what is included in this growing bundle: German Bundle 3

German Bundle 3

Berufe - German Worksheets for Kids

German Worksheets for Kids - In der Stadt - in the city

Right click to enlarge these pictures.

German Worksheets - Verkehrsmittel Fahrzeuge - Transportation Vehicles ActivitiesGerman Worksheets - Gebäude in der Stadt - Buildings in the City Activities

German Body Parts Worksheets die KörperteileGerman Worksheets - die Körperteile Body Parts - Organe Knochen

German Worksheets for Kids - Tiere Animals Tiere im Wald Forest Animalsder Ozean - Unterwasserleben German Worksheets for Kids - the ocean beach marine life

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Bis bald!


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