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Hey there! This is a question for the parents of high school students:

Are you working with your high school student on high school chemistry this year? Are you interested in our chemistry notebook pages? Drop me an email if you are interested. I’m just trying to see if there’s interest/need (because it can be time consuming and time is limited… you know b/c we’re a busy homeschooling family!!).

UPDATE: I’m slowly polishing the high school chemistry units and have been adding them over at the Chemistry Page.

pH Scale – Acids and Bases Worksheet Packet

Acids - Bases - pH Scale Worksheet PacketIons and Isotopes Chemistry Unit (Click here to see the full post!)

Ions Isotopes Chemistry UnitOrganic Chemistry Unit

Organic Chemistry Unit - worksheets on hydrocarbons macromolecules and more

More about what we’re working on (and what I would be sharing) below!

High School Chemistry for Homeschoolers

I am creating chemistry notebook pages as I work with my older two and didn’t know if anyone would be interested in those (or in following along with what we’re doing). I can create a file that I update as we go, though it won’t be as polished as I try to make my packets. I’d just be sharing what I have as I make it (more or less).

Glencoe Chemistry Matter and ChangeFor the most part, we are using Glencoe Chemistry Matter and Change (affiliate link) and I am (mostly) basing the notebook pages off of that. I bought five or six chemistry texts (used) in the past few months and tried to decide which one I would use with the kids. This one is easy to understand. And, I like that it has solutions to the problems in the back.

The notebook pages (that I’d be sharing) are coming from that textbook… and from a few other resources.

Remember, we’ve done quite a bit of chemistry through the years, so we are bouncing around.  We did quite a long unit on organic chemistry last year with the biology course that my older two did – so much of that material is review for them.

Here are a few examples of what I’ve made for the kids so far… (just so you get an idea)…

HS Chemistry Notebook Pages - chemical analysis inorganic and organic compounds

Then the material below is from Chapter 11 of Glencoe’s Chemistry. We’re working through this chapter right now. We already did a very in-depth study of the periodic table, groups & periods, valence electrons, Bohr Diagrams, and things like that (in this Chemistry Unit about a year and a half ago).

By the way, all this sounded SO SO HARD just a couple of weeks ago and now I have the kids making lots of computations! 🙂  They said it’s not too difficult!High School Chemistry - Isotopes Mass Number Mole avogadro's number Converstions Mass to Mole to ParticlesRight now we are covering Moles… and the kids are learning to convert from Mass to Moles to Particles or from Particles to Moles to Mass.

Today, for example, we just started talking about Moles and Compounds… The Molar Mass of Compounds. Both my 14 year old and 16 year old are doing just fine with this! 🙂 We’re just taking one step at a time!

The Mole Worksheets - Avogadro's Number Molar Mass

Anyway, I’m not sure how many of you are teaching your high schoolers chemistry so I thought I would ask. 🙂  If there’s enough interest I’ll create a file link, that I’ll update periodically. It’s quite a bit of work, though, to share things so I want to gauge interest first before expending time/energy.

I just would like to hear back from you to see if there’s interest in various chemistry worksheets and notebook pages. You can send me an email to let me know. 🙂 In your email let me know

1) if you are interested in the notebook pages now (meaning this year)

2) if you think you’d be interested in a very small FB group so we can chat (or where I could explain what I’m doing or where we could share/ask questions specifically about chemistry).


3) if you might be interested but just in the future (because your kids are too young at the moment).

I’ll update this post once I know one-way-or the other (whether I’ll be sharing the material this year).

Happy Homeschooling!



P.S. If your kids are younger, you can view some of our Chemistry Packets here:

You can find out more about our new Chemistry Bundle options or the individual chemistry packets here:

Chemistry Units - states of matter properties of matter periodic table and more

Chemistry BUNDLE of 6

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