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Create a Painting in 30 Minutes!

30 Minute Painting Lessons for PreTeens and TeensI know a lot of homeschoolers try to add in art lessons and I wanted to mention the painting program my two daughters have fallen in love with.

Quite a while ago, my kids took some local art lessons from a fabulous teacher who offers homeschool art classes locally. We haven’t been able to fit them into our schedule for quite some time now, but my girls have fallen in love with the painting lessons we found on Netflix. The program is called “Chill with Bob Ross.”

I asked the girls to explain why they like the program so much. They said, “Bob Ross has an amazing voice. I love his commentary.  What he says is so mesmerizing.”  They also talked about the sound quality and described his brush strokes hitting the canvas as sounding awesome.

The girls often quote Bob Ross… “There are no mistakes, there are only happy little accidents!”

As for the painting lessons themselves, the girls said he is an amazing painter and he makes painting seem easy and fun. They said that even if their own painting doesn’t turn out well they love the process and trying things out.

Bob Ross’s lessons are all 30 minutes and take you from beginning to end.  This was a PBS program that was on in the late 80s or so.  I remember it being on my PBS station when I was a kid!

Anyway, I really wanted to mention this program because it’s become one of the girls’ go-to activities when they have free time. 🙂 In fact, they asked for canvases for Christmas! We got them this 28-pack of canvases (affiliate link) which has all different sizes.  The girls really like these.

Canvas 28 pack

On a related note, just before Christmas, we did a unit on Modern Art.  This new 25+ page Modern Art Packet is currently free to download! This packet starts with an overview of Modern Art – from impressionism, neo-impressionism & post-impressionism through fauvism, cubism… pop art and more!  We spent the most time on the impressionist and post-impressionist artists so there are a number of pages on artists such as Renoir, Monet, Degas, Casssatt, Van Gogh, Seurat and others.  The Modern Art packet also includes an interactive notebook activity that reviews just under 20 famous modern artists. You can grab it here at this post:

Modern Art Packet - Impressionist and Post-Impressionist Worksheets Interactive Notebook Activities

That’s it! A short, quick post, but I wanted to mention this since my girls love the lessons so much!

Happy Homeschooling!


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