Civil Rights Movement Materials

Hey everyone! I have a ton of Civil Rights Materials that are currently FREE to download. I think there are four separate pdfs.  I’m am trying to compile all of those pdfs/resources into one page to make it easier to access.  Since this new page won’t show up in the blog feed, I wanted to be sure to link to the new page:

  • Key Events of the Civil Rights Period,
  • Events leading up to the Civil Rights Movement,
  • Rosa Parks and the Montgomery Bus Boycott
  • Lessons from the Civil Rights Movement
  • Plus, a list of Civil Rights Movement books for elementary and middle school kids


Click here to go to the page with these various free Civil Rights Movement materials:

Civil Rights Movement for KidsEventually, I hope to update these materials and put them into one downloadable pdf… but that’s pretty low on my to-do list…

First I want to get our WWI packet polished and shared (not to mention keeping up with the kids our homeschooling and all of their activities! It’s now available!! Hooray! You can check it out with the link below!

100+ Page WWI Unit

World War I Unit with Worksheets Notebook Pages and MoreCauses of World War I and How WWI Broke Out Worksheet - Notebook PagesWeapons and Strategies of WWITreaty of Versailles Results of WWI Post-WWI Europe Worksheets and Notebook Pages

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