Get the Most from Your Holiday Break!

I wanted to take a few minutes to link to a couple of posts you might enjoy while you are resting and relaxing this holiday break.

I love our breaks!  I really, really need time to re-group and get refreshed for another semester. This is probably as important a part of our homeschooling life as when we are going full-tilt with reading, writing, arithmetic, science experiments, history projects, and more!

It’s now time for US to get in our R’s: Rest, Relaxation, Reflection, Re-organizing, Re-energizing

First, is this post: Get the Most From Your Holiday Break!

Congratulations! After a busy semester, we are all ready for a well-deserved break!  The kids are excited for the holidays and we educators need time to regroup, relax and re-energize too!

Here are some tips for getting the most from your holiday break here at this post: Get the Most From Your Holiday Break!
tips to get the most out of your homeschool break

Also, don’t forget you can get this free printable  Mid-Year Assessment packet to help you reflect on the year, assess how things are going, and help you figure out the direction you want your homeschool to take in the coming months.

Mid Year Homeschool Assessment Packet - Reflect Evaluate Assess

If you are planning out your homeschool curriculum for next semester, you might be interested in these:

Free Curriculum Resource Guides: I have a series of free curriculum resource guides that are between 30 and 50 pages.  These share some of the units and topics we covered at various grade levels (though I have three kids and we often do history and science together, so the age ranges are flexible!)

Homeschool Science Curriculum Grade 2-3Creating your Own Homeschool Curriculum: Kindergarten, Grade 1 (a 50 page free resource guide)

Creating your Own Homeschool Curriculum: Grade 2 – Grade 3 (a free resource guide)

Creating Your Homeschool Curriculum Grade 4-5 — Free Resource Guide

 Grade 6-8 Resource Guide is coming soon!

That’s about it for today! I hope you had a lovely break!

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