Are You a Good Homeschool Role Model? Take this Quiz!!

Are you a good Homeschool Role Model - take this quizThere are so many things that go into homeschooling… good curriculum, engaging lessons, keeping the house (reasonably) organized, the laundry done, and meals on the table. But the kids are learning SO much from us.  They are watching most everything we do! How good of a role model are you?

Are you a good homeschool role model? Take this Quiz!

  1. I get enough sleep.
  2. I am always prepared for class. I know where my materials are. Print outs are ready before we start!
  3. I limit/eliminate interruptions during school hours… (including social media and phone calls!)
  4. I am calm and assuring when tensions arise or tempers flare.
  5. I am fair. I am impartial.
  6. I am attentive when people (including the kids!) speak.
  7. I speak courteously at all times.
  8. I am honest. I am tactful.
  9. I model caring in the wider community.
  10. I have a sense of humor when I make a mistake. I am not overly hard on myself.
  11. When the kids inadvertently say something funny, I am careful not to make them feel like I am laughing at them.
  12. I am respectful of other cultures. I make it a priority to learn about cultures other than our own.
  13. I am supportive.
  14. I am not afraid to admit when I have made a mistake. I apologize when necessary.
  15. I read and write regularly – in front of the kids, that is!
  16. I am knowledgeable about the subject matter we are covering. I research and read material so that I can share that on a deeper level.
  17. I am flexible.
  18. I am forgiving – even of myself!
  19. My kids know our emergency and safety procedures for
  • Fires
  • Break-ins
  • Social Media Safety
  • First Aid
  1. I follow our routine and rules.
  2. I don’t compare myself, the kids, or our homeschool to others.
  3. I clean up after myself. (Is your desk clean and clutter free?!!) I always take the time to put belongings back where they belong.
  4. I am good about taking care of myself – exercise and nutrition. I have a fulfilling personal life (outside of homeschooling).
  5. I manage my stress well.
  6. I am enthusiastic and engaged most of the time.

How did you do?

Did you realize how many areas you are an amazing role model?!!

Did some questions make you squirm? Are there areas where you need some improvement?

I have some work to do… especially with #1!!

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Happy Homeschooling! ~Liesl

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