Upcoming Homeschool Mastermind Group! (It’s coming soon!)

I’ve hinted this summer about a Homeschool Mastermind Group… It’s going to happen!!

I’ve been working hard to iron out the details and plan out a really great course. It’ll be a 14-week discussion group that will delve deep into how we can make our homeschool extraordinary!

What is a Mastermind Group?  It’s a group of experts who come together to get support, inspiration, advice and encouragement from others who are on a similar journey. For us, that means we’ll come together for support, inspiration and support.  It’s a group that’ll inspire us to be the best we can be –  not just in homeschooling but in every way. We’ll talk about keeping our lives running smoothly while taking care of ourselves physically and emotionally.

As a Homeschool Mastermind Group, we will come together to boost each other up, share resources, tips and tricks.  We’ll help each other become better, more patient educators.  We’ll learn from each other, bounce ideas off one-another and learn what worked (and what didn’t) from other families!!

We’ll talk about everything from our homeschool philosophy, organization, routines and systems to staying motivated, dealing with bad moods and frustration.  We’ll talk about curriculum, technology, project-based learning and much, much more!

Homeschool Mastermind Group - Discussion Group - homeschoolden

Our families are all on their own unique homeschool journey, but we are not alone!

We don’t have a water-cooler or a teacher’s lounge to gather ’round, but we will have an online, supportive community to hang out with!  Hooray!! And, once the 14-week discussion course is over the group will stay intact so discussion and community support will continue indefinitely.

Homeschool Mastermind Group - HomeschoolDenDiscussionGroup

This course will help you grow as a homeschooler as we explore a wide range of topics including discussions not only curriculum (what works or doesn’t!) but also in areas that make us better instructors, facilitators and parents! 🙂

  • Knowing Your Why.
  • Your Philosophy of Education, Your Homeschool Style
  • Homeschool Learning Space and Organization, Chore talk!  Homeschool Planning
  • Homeschool Routines, Systems, Procedures and Transitions
  • Creating Meaningful Learning Experiences – Hands-on Learning, Project Based Learning – Sharing strategies that work!
  • Socialization & Family Values, Balancing the Homeschool Extras
  • Dealing with Bad Moods, Frustration, Sibling Arguments
  • and more…

Space will be limited to 20 participants and depending on enrollment, there will be an early elementary group (with kids K to Gr3) and an upper elementary/middle school group (Gr 4 to 8).

I’ve been working hard to get the weekly topics ironed out. Stay tuned, I’ll be sharing the syllabus (for lack of a better word) very soon!

At this point, it looks like it will be a 14-week discussion group starting August 29th, 2016. More details coming very soon!!

Enrollment will open August 15 and will close August 28th. (It will not be open to new members once the Mastermind Group begins, but if all goes well there will be another Homeschool Mastermind Group that forms in January 2017.)

I hope you are excited about the possibilities of this Homeschool Mastermind Group as I am!!

Don’t forget that out Back to Homeschool Challenge starts next Monday (August 8th) as we tackle all the small tasks that need to get done before the new homeschool year begins agin!

Back-to-Homeschool-ChallengeSee you again soon here or over at our Homeschool Den Facebook Page! Don’t forget to Subscribe to our Homeschool Den Newsletter! ~Liesl


2 Responses

  1. Mickelle Weary says:

    Sounds fantastic!

    • homeschooldenadmin says:

      I’m pretty excited!! I spent some of the weekend starting to work on the details… there will be two components to each week… facilitated discussions that happen with the other members in the private group and then also weekly “mastermind missions” (a pdf) where we spend time really thinking hard about the components of our own homeschool. I have all the topics for the 14 weeks planned and this weekend I started to creating some of the pdfs, etc. that will go along with the course. I think there are some really meaty topics that I can’t wait to discuss with others!! 🙂 ~Liesl

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