Hands-On Homeschooling – Video Post (with DD and ED!)

Last week we did some pretty fun science experiments for our ocean unit.  We always get so pumped up doing hands-on activities & the salinity experiment was especially impressive. I thought I’d talk a little bit what a big impact these kinds of experiments add to our day…

  • the kids get excited and engaged
  • they ask a lot of good questions
  • the activities and projects are memorable so they often remember more about the material after doing experiments or hands-on activities
  • they’re fun
  • they break up the normal routine

As I was getting ready to do the video, the girls decided that THEY wanted to be in front of the camera!  The video turned out a little bit different than I intended because it’s really more of a mish-mash of different activities we’ve done. But for what it’s worth, here is our family’s joint-project video… Hands-on Homeschooling!  Enjoy!  ~Liesl, DD, and ED

You can find the lyrics for the USA Presidents Song that the girls sang here.

P.S. I’ll be talking a little bit more in another post how the salinity experiment shown in the video fits into our Ocean Unit. 🙂


Salinity-ExperimentNote about the Salinity Experiment:

  • In the experiment, we had plain water with blue dye.
  • For the salt water we used 0.25 oz of Kosher Salt stirred thoroughly into 1 cup of water with 3 drops of red dye. We measured it on a small scale because it was good practice, but you can measure 1/2 Tablespoon of salt instead.Salt-Water-Plain-Water6

We haven’t made a ton of videos, but you’ll find a few of the other videos we’ve made at these posts:

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