Free Calendar and Homeschool Planning Pages (Spring – Summer 2016)

As many of you know, I use a notebook and calendar to keep our homeschool and family life organized.  I make my own printable calendar pages and print them out about 6 months or so ahead.  I needed to add in new pages to update my calendar/planning notebook for later in the summer and early fall 2016.  I wanted to share that with you today if you can use it.

You’ll find the months February 2016 through October 2016.

I also included our checklists: our daily checklist, my blank to-do list pages (which I stick between some months), and some of the other general homeschool planning pages I’ve used from time to time.  I also included our Homeschool Supply List for anyone who can use that.

If any of these are useful, this pdf is free to download and print out:

Free Spring/Summer 2016 Calendar and Homeschool Planning Pages



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