A Little Princess

The girls and I watched a wonderful film this weekend called A Little Princess .  My girls (almost 8 and 10) loved it *so, so* much I decided it was worth mentioning to my readers as well.  It is the story of a girl who lived in India. When WWI broke out, her father took her to New York City where she had to attend a stern boarding school.  I started to write more about this movie, but then I decided to delete what I wrote.  I don’t want to give away too much of the story line. I’ll just say that this movie was a huge hit with the girls in our family!

This movie was was nominated for two Academy Awards.  It is a sweet story with a strong, young heroine.


The link here is to a double feature of A Little Princess / The Secret Garden. (affiliate link) The Secret Garden is a wonderful story/movie too (I read the book and might have the girls read it before we watch the movie). You can also watch A Little Princess on Amazon streaming as well and you’ll find a trailer here: A Little Princess (affiliate link)

And one other fun fact for you — The young star of this film’s real name is Liesel Matthews (though she is now married). She (like me) was named after a character in the movie, The Sound of Music. 🙂 She also played Harrison Ford’s daughter in the movie Air Force One.

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