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We are studying biology right now. Last week, the kids had to choose one of the biomes, do research about it, and prepare a 3 to 5 minute speech.  They did a great job!  This week, they are going to do another short research project.  This time, I thought I would have the kids do another of the CDC units.  Previously (a couple of years ago) they did projects on

This time we’re going to do their unit on rabies: what it is, how many people contract rabies, and how it can be prevented. You will find the CDC’s Rabies, the Global Connection Unit here. I like these units because they are more like guided research. (The kids know what to look for.) It’s a good skill to work on in late elementary/middle school, yet it doesn’t take weeks like larger, longer research projects do.

I printed out pages 9 through 15 for the kids. They’ll do the pre-test (testing their basic knowledge about rabies). Read the 3 case studies. And then I’m going to have them do the Rabies Webquest. The kids will probably spend two days on this.

Just so you know, one of the clickable websites they suggested in that unit has changed. I made the kids a new pdf with clickable links to help them with their Webquest.  You can access it here:

CDC Science Ambassador Unit Rabies Webquest Links


You’ll find the whole range of CDC Lesson Science Ambassador Units here.

That’s my quick post about that! Hope someone finds this useful! 🙂

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