Advent Mailbox (For Kind Messages!)

I think I mentioned a week or two ago that we are not doing a traditional Advent Calendar this year.  Instead, our family is going to do some giving… Giving of kind words that is! Each of us in the family has chosen a day (Monday through Friday) to be our day to receive uplifting mail.

Today (Tuesday) is LD’s day.  At some point during the day the rest of us will jot down something nice we noticed about him or something kind or generous he’s done… or we might just write down some qualities we really admire in him. We’ll stick our messages into the mailbox you see below.  At dinner, he’ll check the mailbox and read those notes.  It is a way of focusing not on what we’re getting, but what we’re giving and doing for others. And it feels great to receive such heart-felt messages, right?!

The kids are *super* excited about this. And so am I!

We got the cute little mailbox at the Dollar Tree. It’s perfect! And by the way, DD made the center-piece for our table this year with flowers and a foam block she chose from the dollar store.  She wrapped the outside with tin-foil and it really looks lovely.

Christmas Mailbox - Advent

And speaking of giving… We have a Giveaway coming very soon.  We teamed up with the team at Molecularium® to give away a copy of the newly released DVD of the IMAX film Molecules to the Max.  Stay tuned for more details very soon! 🙂 ~Liesl


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