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On the weekends, I’ve been trying to share articles about homeschooling (or parenting in general) I’ve found from around the web. Since not everyone is on Facebook, I thought I’d share some of the recent article links here as well:

*I shared this post I wrote last March: Why You Shouldn’t Reward Kids for Learning partly because I saw an article about “Grit” in the Washington post (see the next entry!)


*Do Your Kids Have Grit?  This was an interesting article in the Washington Post this past week.

*Home Schooling: More Pupils, Less Regulation: This was an article in the New York Times from back in January about Homeschooling. This article talked a lot about homeschooling in Pennsylvania and how PA relaxed some of its homeschool requirement. The article, Home Schooling: More Pupils, Less Regulation,  talked about other states as well.

*As Homeschooling Grows, Advocates Hope for Change in Legislation:  There was a bill introduced to the West Virginia state legislature to make homeschooling easier. One provision would be to only have parents declare their intent to homeschool just once (rather than every year). The Senator made the point

“We don’t ask our public schools every year to prove their capability or announce their intentions, you know, are you going to be a public school again next year? Yes we are. So we don’t do that. It doesn’t make sense for a homeschooler to have to do that.”

I never thought about it like that. In our state, we have to turn in a NOI (notice of intent to homeschool) every summer. Anyway, you can read more about homeschooling in West Virginia and the bill introduced there here, As Homeschooling Grows, Advocates Hope for Change in Legislation

Other articles I shared: 

*The 2015 Critter Cam List. Thought I would share this too!! Such a great way to watch, observe and learn from the comfort of our homes!

*Active Learning Increases Student Performance in Science, Engineering and Mathematics – This is a link to a pdf article.

*A History of Europe in 3 Minutes (6,000+ Years of History!) I showed this to the kids and stopped it at several key points to help them “see” how Europe changed in the early middle ages.


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