Can I Tell You a Secret?

Don’t tell my kids… but I’m pretty tired…. not with school itself, but with being the mediator.  It’s mid-semester for us and I’m not as patient with the kids as I should be… well, or a better way to put that is that the kids are really grating on each other’s nerves and I can’t always nip it in the bud. We’ve had to have talk after talk about treating each other kindly and not taking such a stand on everything.  You need an example? Well, the kids spend a lot of energy arguing over who sits where when we work together. Or, they’ve been irritating each other by singing, dancing, or just generally existing. 😉

A lot of my friends (quite a number of them are public school teachers) have been complaining because they have had so many snow days.  As for us, we really haven’t taken much time off in the past eight weeks. We’ve been going steadily since January… and it’s showing in the kids… they’ve been grumpy and irritating each other much more than normal.  I’m actually wondering whether we should just take a bit of a break… but once we get past some of the bickering… we’re just in such an amazing groove with our homeschool units that I’m reluctant to derail that. If we get past the other (emotional/nit-picking) stuff, we’ve been really having great days.

And another reason not to take “Snow Days”??  SPRING!!  I love taking surprise days off in the spring when the weather is gorgeous!  I hope to do a couple of really cool homeschool trips with homeschooling friends of ours.

So today, when all the other kids in our area are off again because of the snow… we’ll be doing cool stuff with microscopes, microbes and the Middle Ages… if we can avoid petty arguments.

Anyway, that’s just the way things are sometimes. Not much of a post, but if you’re having a rough day, it’s sometimes nice to hear that other people hear your pain!!



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