Spooky Science: Dry Ice Experiments

A couple of years ago, we did some spooky science with dry ice. We’re going to do some of these activities again this week, but I thought I’d share some of the things we did then in case you want to try these activities with your kids.

I went out and bought some dry ice and we did a number of experiments. You can see suggestions from Steve Spangler science and a couple of you-tube videos at Dry Ice Fun: Cool Science Experiments and Scientific Tuesdays.


First we dropped dry ice into the spooky skull cup Daddy bought for the kids.  Then we did the one with dish soap (left) that created lots of bubbles.

We placed a coin on a block of dry ice and watched it move back and forth as the coin warmed up the ice and made pockets of carbon dioxide move past. Then we left the coin and went on to other things–only to notice later all the ice crystals that had formed on the coin.


We added warm water to a plastic water bottle and then added chips of dry ice. Then we put a big punching balloon on it and watched it inflate. The kids were intrigued by how much carbon dioxide was released. We also had a terrific talk about the different weights of gases, hauled out the periodic table and looked at where hydrogen and helium appear on the table.

We used a bubble solution to create these massive bubbles in a pot.  The kids liked that!

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