Summer Activities: Slip-n-Slide

Slip-n-Sliding is really fun when it’s hot out, just as long as there are no water restrictions.  For some reason, ED asks all year long when we’re going to go slip-n-sliding… It will be mid-January, snow everywhere and she’ll ask when it’ll be time! This year I promised myself I’d bring it out as soon as it was warm enough. So, we set up the slip-n-slide a week or so before my ear surgery — and even *I* went down the steep hill! Whew… it was fast!  I was actually happy I was wearing yoga pants.  I included ED’s blurry picture… just to prove that Moms can have fun in the summer too!



The kids are actually off this week on a trip with Hubby out to Arkansas and Missouri. I’m holding down the fort and recovering from my surgery a few weeks ago. Hope you’re having a great summer so far!

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