Fishing — It’s Not Hard or Mysterious!

I consider myself pretty outdoorsy. I love to hike, backpack and go camping. I love learning the names of the lizards, snakes, bugs and birds in our area. But I had never, ever gone fishing.  For some reason it seemed mysterious. Hard. Something only real “fishermen” did.  So when I heard that our local park was offering a free fishing workshop for kids, we signed the kids up. The ranger suggested that we get some cheap fishing poles for the kids before we came.  Okay — we can handle that. Not so hard.

So, a couple weekends ago — off we went to learn about fishing.  The ranger was informative and told us all about the fishing gear, talked about the various lures and the fish the kids were likely to catch in our area. Then he helped the kids set up their poles and off they went to cast and release the line. Wow — I never knew that it was quite that simple.



They fished…

and fished…

and fished…



Hubby and I were pretty convinced the only things they would catch were pieces of driftwood, but then… What was that? A tug? Whoa…DD caught something.   It was just a tiny little fish, but she was proud.  After looking at that sad little face (the fish’s not DD’s!) she just knew she had to let it go!



We will definitely go out fishing again. The kids are hooked! 😉

It was relaxing. The kids loved it… and I can now heartily recommend this as a family activity for others to try.

P.S. Our state does not require kids under 16 have a fishing license, (but of course the parents do if they are fishing). Be sure to find out whether you need a fishing license from your state and if there is a daily limit to what you can catch.

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