Free Kindle Book for Girls Ages 7-11 (until March 24)

FREE Kindle Edition of Mystery of the Secret Room – 5 Days Only! March 20th – 24th

This morning I downloaded a free book for girls ages 7-11. Obviously, my daughter hasn’t read it yet, but I thought I’d mention it because it is free until March 24th over at Amazon. The reviews look pretty good.

Here’s a bit about it: It’s raining so Brooke and Eva have nothing to do but play hide and seek in the castle’s attic. It’s just an ordinary game on an ordinary rainy afternoon. But then Brooke stumbles into a room everyone has forgotten for decades. A beautiful porcelain doll sits at a table set for tea for three. It’s as if she’s been waiting for Brooke and Eva to arrive.

The book is the second in a series of books designed to deliver positive messages around independence, adventure, and global awareness. We hope to engage little girls in reading through an exciting mystery and help them discover the world around them along the way.

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