Great 10cent Sale on Lapbooks/Unit Studies

Someone in one of my yahoo groups said that there was a 10cent sale on one of the publishers I have used a lot in the past, Homeschool Bits. She makes and sells lapbooks, unit studies, time lines and more.  Her work is reasonably priced (most lapbooks are $1.00), but for the next day her work is on sale for 10 cents. Wow! I think the sale ends on Saturday (2/15, 6pm), but I couldn’t verify that.

homeschool bits

What kinds of units has she covered?  The list is really long: 2D and 3D shapes, rainforests, all kinds of space topics (asteroids, planets, phases of the moon and more), all kinds of human body topics (cells, bones, blood, brain, muscles and more), all kinds of animal studies (bobcat, wolf, deer, snakes, insects and more), earth science (volcanoes, tornadoes), instruments, sight words-cut and paste, holidays, language arts (grammar, sayings), economics and I could go on and on!

Here are a few examples of some of the lapbooks/unit studies my kids have done:


DD did a lapbook on Sunflowers a couple of years ago:

Here is what the lapbook looks like on the inside (you can turn the page, so you can’t see the pieces under the orange page):

We also used parts of the Phases of the Moon lapbook to add to our science unit. (You can see all of our activities here: Phases of the Moon Activity: Homemade Oreo Cookie Recipe (Yum!!)) The lapbook parts are on the blue page below:

I just placed 24 items in my cart to go along with some of our upcoming units–and some because they looked like great go-to projects for topics we haven’t covered (like the unit study on economics).

Again, you can click here to go to Currclick: Homeschool Bits.

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