Free Grammar Practice Sheet: Quotation Marks, Said/Asked Words

I noticed in the kids’ writing journals that they weren’t using quotation marks correctly. I wanted to go over how to set up dialogues–the use of quotation marks and commas. I also wanted them to think about all the alternatives to using said or asked… there are dozens and dozens of great words.

Grammar Quotation Mark Worksheet

Said-Asked-Words List


My kids love the song and video, What Does the Fox Say?  That’s what this dialogue is about that at the end (just so you understand!).

Looking for other free grammar pages?  You’ll find lots of other pages I’ve made for the kids by clicking on the Language Arts category (You’ll find the categories button on the right side-bar).  I’ve made pages on the use of commas, their/they’re/there, apostrophe practice and much more.

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