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Homeschool Language Arts: Our Year in Review and Resources Chart

Language arts is a subject that is always in progress, so it doesn’t make quite as snazzy of a year in review wrap-up, but I thought this might be a good opportunity to share some of our free grammar resources again in a nice, organized table form since those still are so popular. The chart also includes links to our popular Homeschool Writing Workshop series.  I’ve also included links to...


Free Grammar Practice Sheet: Quotation Marks, Said/Asked Words

I noticed in the kids’ writing journals that they weren’t using quotation marks correctly. I wanted to go over how to set up dialogues–the use of quotation marks and commas. I also wanted them to think about all the alternatives to using said or asked… there are dozens and dozens of great words. Grammar Quotation Mark Worksheet Said-Asked-Words List My kids love the song and video, What Does the Fox Say? ...