Homemade Christmas Keepsakes (Great as Gifts!)

Every year there are a few Christmas decorations that I absolutely LOVE bringing out!  I wanted to share a few of our family favorites!

My personal favorites are the ones that include pictures of the kids. One year when the kids were not-quite-2, 4 and 6, I made a holiday picture banner. I took pictures of the kids holding all the letters in Merry Christmas.  Then I laminated them and strung them on a long Christmas ribbon. I sewed small red fabric bows and holy in between each picture. We hang the banner up in the living room and the kids always come rushing to look at their pictures!

I also love putting this ornament on our tree! I made a simple popcycle stick Christmas ornaments one year for all of our extended family. My older two kids were 2 and 4. It’s a bit cheesy, but boy do I love pulling this out of the box!

Fingerprint Christmas Ornaments:

We made these ornaments last year making fingerprints into snowmen.

This year we’ll be making fingerprint reindeer ornaments (like this reindeer ornament at the Crafty Crow):

And finally the Christmas Star:

The kids glued toothpicks onto a star shape (it needs to be cut from a firm piece of card board).  After the glue dried, we spray painted it gold and glued a toilet-paper roll to the back.  It slides easily onto the top of the Christmas tree!

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