What to Do with That Candy? Science Experiments, Donations…

If you are wondering what to do with all that Halloween candy, you can always do some science! This is an experiment I did with my kids a while back with Skittles in water. I think the results are fascinating:

Do you want to do other fun experiments with candy? Be sure to visit this great website, Candy Experiments written by Loralee, a mom of three. She recently wrote a post Candy Experiment Cards for Halloween where she offers so free candy experiment cards that you can download.  Loralee had an exhibit at the USA Science and Engineering Festival a couple of years ago and she has also written a book called Candy Experiments that you can purchase at Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

Donate Your Halloween Candy: By the way, you can also donate your candy to soldiers via Operation Gratitude or Halloween Candy Buyback or check with your local dentist to see if they accept candy donations (my kids’ dentist participates in one of these programs). Don’t forget about your local homeless shelter or food pantry. They are often looking for donations and may accept wrapped Halloween Candy. (And since I’m on that topic I’ll mention that my friend runs the local food pantry near us and they are also often in need of diapers sizes 2 through 5.)


You Might Also Be Interested in our Science Experiment Pack: A year or so ago I made a packet of some of our most beloved science experiments. If you’re keen to do science experiments with your kids, here are some of the things that my kids and I have enjoyed a lot:

Download your free Science Experiment Packet here.

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