Safe Snack Guide – Nut and Egg Free Snack List

Lots of schools and other places are requiring nut-free snacks.  LD’s gym suggested this website as a helpful place to find snacks that are free of nuts, tree nuts and eggs:  It’s a list of the purchased types snacks. I personally wish the list had started out (in big bold letters) things like sliced apples, baby carrots, snap peas — you know the fresh fruits and veggies that should be number one on the go-to list! 🙂 Still, I thought I’d share for anyone else attending a facility/school with a nut-free zone.

Go to the Safe Snack Guide list:

Snack List

My thought when I saw this list was also that there are so many easy snacks we can quickly and easily make at home. Neither of these recipes require nuts or eggs:

We like to make homemade graham crackers:


We also make Homemade Nutrigrain Type Bars with oatmeal and jam… You’d have to make it with plain flour (we sometimes use a bit of almond meal in ours).


Do you have a favorite snack that would be great to add to this list?  Pop over to the Homeschool Den Facebook Page — I’d love to hear your ideas and recipes!!


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