Fun in the Blue Ridge Mountains (VA)

We had two weeks of school and then almost immediately put things on hold to go to a timeshare (thank you, Grams!!!!) with our homeschool friends.  We do lots with this wonderful, inspiring family. The kids all had fun together and I can’t tell you how amazing it is to spend countless hours talking about homeschooling, good books, our past, the news… and just about anything that comes to mind!

This timeshare was nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. The mountains really do look blue there, don’t you think?!

The deers were so docile there that they would come right up to the door and follow you around outside!  The kids loved that.

 They had so many great programs available. We went to a campfire and listened to a storyteller tell tales about Appalachia. We also went to a show about the animals of Appalachia. The woman had some really great stories to tell us. The snake below is a hog-nosed snake, in case you’re wondering!

The kids spent a lot of time just playing outside.  ED learned to roller skate (well) for the first time. I strapped on some roller blades too (that I got at a thrift shop a couple of years ago) and had a lot of fun rolling around on the roads! ED and I had a lot of “races,” but wouldn’t you know, she won every single time! There she goes…

LD and K and DD and C played an elaborate game about dragons. It went on for days and they created dragon’s nests, food storage areas, playgrounds and all kinds of things!  Their creativity was really fun to watch.  The kids have such great imaginations.

One morning, ED and I left the other kids with Ms. J and headed off to a petting zoo. I don’t get to take the kids out individually very often and we had a really lovely morning together.


Do you know those projects the kids beg you to do and you put off and put off??  Well, I also tossed in my sewing machine to help the girls make stuffed animals while we were away. I did the sewing on the machine, but the girls helped with various steps along the way (cutting out the patterns and materials, stuffing them, sewing on the eyes).  K sewed the entire face on her kitty. ED discovered her new felt puppy sticks to trees!

The kids absolutely loved the adventure ropes course and rock climbing wall.

LD decided the wall wasn’t challenging enough and said he wanted to climb up it without using his feet! He got a fair way up the wall before he had to plant his toes on the rock! The girls loved the rock climbing as well. They all got to the top and hit the buzzer.  The also gave the bungee trampoline a try. That’s LD flipping round and round.

The absolutely best part of the trip — was just spending time together with our friends. I came home incredibly motivated and inspired — and can’t wait to show you what I did in our homeschool room after a whole lot of conversations with my friend.  I’m out of time — so I’ll share that tomorrow.

Oh–and we are back in school now… we’re doing some basic review work as we get back into the swing of things.


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