Pretty Pacific Northwest (Washington State)

I was born in Seattle, Washington and both sides of my family are from there. In fact, many of my mom’s relatives were among the first settlers in the region!  One of Hubby’s best friends now lives in Seattle.  They planned a hiking-reunion weekend and they spent several days hiking around the beautiful mountains out to the west of Seattle. The scenery was so beautiful, I definitely hope to plan a trip out there to catch up with my relatives and to take the kids hiking out there. I know my parents spent lots and lots of time hiking/backpacking/camping in that region too and I know we went backpacking as a family when I was a tiny tot. (Later, we moved away from Seattle because of my Dad’s job.)

Here are some of Hubby’s pictures:

They set up camp along this lake (Mason Lake):

Here’s a view of Mt. Rainier:

And finally, here are a couple of panorama shots from the top of Mt. Defiance:

The kids and I really missed out, didn’t we?!  The kids are old enough now that we should start doing some back-packing.  I used to backpack lots and lots, but have only done car camping since the kids were born.

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