Most Popular Posts From this School Year

Since I am wrapping up the school year, I thought I would go through and share some of the most popular posts from this school year. Most of them had to do with some of the free materials I made, but two of them had to do with family life in general–3-The Most Stressful Number of Kids and the post I wrote just after our beloved Vovo, hubby’s grandmother, died — The Hardest Lesson of All – Death and Dying.

A lot of people were interested in the picture books we read this year: 10 Books My 4 and 6 year old Love;  14 Picture Books My Kids Love at the Moment! (ages 4 and 7) and 20+ Board Books Recommendations.

We did a unit on Pete the Cat and lots of people checked out the links I provided for our unit. Plus, lots of people viewed the post, Multiplication by 4s with Pete the Cat. Those Pete the Cat books are pretty cute!

The various pokemon worksheets I made also have gotten a lot of hits like the Pokemon multiplication worksheets, Pokemon equivalent fractions, multiplication cards, etc. As did some of the other multiplication worksheets and games.

Our Huge List of Things to Do with your Preschooler has been helpful to me when I need to change things up and make things fun for ED. It has hyperlinks to lots and lots of our preschool activities. I posted it over a year ago, but it still gets lots of hits because of Pinterest.

Another preschool/kindergarten post that has been really popular was the worksheet pack I put together to accompany the Bob Books. I made a new one that ED is currently working on, but I have a couple things to fix before I can share that:

The science packets and activities I made were very popular this year. These continue to get hits almost daily:

Human Body Systems

Free Rocks and Minerals Packet: This was a unit I did with the kids this year. The packet is 26 pages (since I did half the sheets for my preschooler and half for my older kids). Around that same time I also made some sheets on the three types of rocks: sedimentary, igneous and metamorphic rocks and some Montessori Cards: famous rocks around the world (Montessori 3-part cards)

We love science experiments and activities.  The Science Experiment Packet I put together of some of our favorite activities still gets lots of hits:

The various Montessori 3-Part Cards I’ve made over the years get lots of hits like the world animal cards below:

One of the things that surprised me the most was how many hits I’ve gotten on all the grammar sheets I’ve made for the kids this past year or so! If you click on this link you can scroll through all those language arts freebies

The Nature Scavenger Hunt is one of the top posts I have. It gets hits all throughout the spring, summer and into the fall.

Finally, I’ll leave on a sweet note… I got lots of clicks on the super-simple homemade brownie recipe that my sister gave me:

I hope you found something useful today! ~Liesl

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