10 Reasons Why Time Off is Important

1. It allows you to open your eyes to the beauty around you

Beautiful2. It puts the focus on love, family and being together



3. It lets you try new things



The kids went kayaking for the first time last week.

4. It’s soothing, relaxing and you can switch off.



5. It allows you to experience someone else’s passions

Hubby and LD played endless rounds of card games with my nephew, NJ. Meanwhile, I went birding with my sister and my Dad, who is an amateur ornithologist.  


6.  Creative ideas come to you when you have a chance to relax. 

I felt so inspired while we were away. Do you remember the worksheet pack I made to accompany the Bob Books? Well, we wound up using the free Sam phonics readers this past year and this summer we’re going to go back to the Bob Book series. They will be relatively easy, but will keep ED fresh and “reading.” While we were away I drew a whole bunch of little figures and made a new set of worksheets for her to go with the next set of Bob Books. Fun! You’ll see those soon.

7. You get to see new things

HolidayFun7. It allows you time to reflect on how things are going (at work, at home, at school)

I gave a lot of thought to our upcoming summer and next school year. I won’t hijack this post with all that, but I was so inspired and motivated… just by stepping out of our normal routine!!

8. It’s downright fun! It makes us smile and laugh and builds wonderful, lasting memories!



9. It re-energizes you. 

10. It motivates you to be sure there are new things to look forward to…

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