Baby Birdies Have Hatched! (Eastern Phoebe)

Yesterday, I shared the robin lapbook the girls made. It was absolutely fabulous timing because they learned about the robin’s life cycle (eggs, chicks, juvenile, adults…) and a few days later we discovered a bird’s nest under our deck. We’ve been able to watch this beautiful story unfold…

The Nest:

IMG_2128nestThe Mama Bird:

IMG_2162MamaBirdOnNest4 eggs (we have a step ladder about 3 feet away… I used a zoom on my good camera). I have no idea why the eggs look so different.

IMG_2137eggs A few days after (after several days of rain) the chicks had hatched:



When I let ED come for a glimpse, the little chicks must have thought we were Mama Bird coming with food:



Mama Bird came pretty close and chirps at us to get out from under the deck!  We scurried away to leave her in peace.  The kids have strict instructions not to go near the nest unless I give them permission. We don’t want to disturb nature too much, though I’m happy the kids have gotten to see this amazing process! We watch all day as Mama bird flies back and forth with food for the baby birdies!



One other photo of Mama Bird. I think she is an Eastern Phoebe, though I’m no bird expert!  Her tail often bobs up and down:


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