The Secret Clubhouse

Did you have a secret clubhouse? I remember mine… it was up at the top of a tall tree in our front yard.  I was around 11 or 12 and I even built a wooden hinged box to place up in the top of the tree to hold my treasures.

Yesterday the girls woke me up with breakfast in bed (water, bread and a banana!) and then asked me to come to their clubhouse. They had tickets to enter, a secret handshake that they had worked out and a ‘campfire’ to keep warm.  Cute!  I love being included in their imaginative play!

The tour: 

the ticket station (on that stump):

IMG_2374clubhousethe treasure table:

IMG_2376clubhousethe ‘campfire’


the bed:


This is the magic of childhood, isn’t it?!

Tomorrow’s outdoor magic… sledding, snowball fights, snow angels and hot chocolate!!

Let’s hope we don’t lose power (we often do since we’re snuggled down in the woods).

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