An Amazing Nature Center (Nashville, TN)

While we were on our road trip we had the opportunity to visit an amazing Nature Center in Nashville, TN with my Sis and her (homeschooling) kids.  It had everything from taxidermy animals to look at, nature drawers to explore, microscopes, bird watching and identification, creative play with puppets, puzzles, costumes, blocks and more.  I wish we had a place like this near us!!



There was a full size tree to explore! Inside the tree was a night-time sky. The kids had to try to identify some of the major constellations  Plus, there were light-up boxes that showed the animals that lived in trees.



The kids spent a LOOooong time looking through the microscope!


Back at my sister’s house my niece brought out their huge collection of bones… The kids looked through everything from cow and fox skulls to a complete turtle skeleton.  Neat stuff! That certainly adds to the kids’ understanding of vertebrates, doesn’t it?!!


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