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For the past couple of weeks, LD has learned about equivalent fractions in math. A week or so ago, I shared a couple of the packet and equivalent fraction cards I had made for him.  We also bought a equivalent fractions dominoes game (and a fraction dominoes game for DD) and now that we’ve had a chance to play it a few times, I thought it was worth a mention on the blog.

There are a couple different ways you can play this game. You can match up equivalent fractions or you can have the fractions add up to 1 (4/6 and 1/3 for example). We wound up keeping track of some of the fractions on a white board.  This game really made LD think and I think it’ll keep him challenged for some time to come. He enjoyed it. In fact, when I got distracted and went off with ED for a while, he called me back to make sure we finished the game!



I also bought a set of Fraction Dominoes for DD.  Again, she hasn’t done that much with fractions, but she caught on right away.  You can play this game to pair equal fractions (a number and picture). You can pair equivalent fractions. Or you can make sums of one.

In the picture below, DD is just pairing equal fractions:



We bought our fraction dominoes and equivalent fraction dominoes from wiebe-carlson, but you can probably find them other places as well.


 If you are interested in the equivalent fractions materials I made (pictured below) here are the links to those posts:

Equivalent Fractions Packet (for introducing equivalent fractions for the first time)

Equivalent Fractions Cards

 Equivalent Fractions

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