Sandy-Crisis Map — Finding Information about Storm Affected Areas (power, gas stations, food, images etc.)

Sandy-Crisis Map

After a nerve wracking wait, we got in touch with my step-Mom’s relative who got in touch with my folk’s pet-sitter who drove over to their house to find that my Dad and step-Mom are fine. They still don’t have power (they’re in the huge stretch of New Jersey and New York that is still out of power). If you want to check on your loved ones and friends, here are a few ways you can find out information:

I really wish I had known about this great resource several days ago.

Visit the Sandy-Crisis Map.  You can find out information such as

  • Road work and traffic advisories
  • Traffic conditions
  • Post-Sandy Imagery
  • Power outage information
  • New Jersey food and gas
  • Shelters and recovery centers
  • FEMA Disaster Declared Areas

For example, this is a quick picture of the FEMA disaster declared areas:

You can find out about the power outages where your loved ones live. The orange images give you the direct link to the power outage information for that region.
So when I clicked on the area where my folks live and followed that link, I got a really good idea of the power outages in their neighborhood areas. Well over 15,000 people in the township where my folks live are without power.  The website says “Crews are working around the clock to restore power to all the affected areas. The majority of customers are expected to be restored by Wednesday, November 7. Customers in the hardest-hit areas are expected to be restored throughout the following week.”
In talking with my relatives in New Jersey and listening to the news, there are still problems getting gas.  The crisis map also allows you to find out information about open gas stations and open food stores. You can zoom in to specific areas, but I took one from farther out:
Finally, you can zoom in on some of the storm affected areas and see what kind of damage was done to the shore areas. The black areas show where you can zoom to see images:
And you can zoom in to see images such as this:
Anyway, I thought this was useful to know for those of us still anxious to find out about our loved ones. Once again, the link to the Sandy-Crisis Map is here.


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