Power Finally Restored to Us… But Not For My Folks in NJ; How You Can Help Storm Victims

We had two days without power (heat, water or septic), but with all the preparations we had made (four huge storage tubs filled with water, two huge bags of ice in an ice chest to keep milk and stuff cold), we were able to treat it more like a camping trip and adventure for the kids. We pulled out the camping stove for coffee and heating up our meals (out on the porch).

And we kept the wood stove burning in our homeschool room which kept that room at a toasty 70 degrees. Other areas of the house dipped into the upper 50s the second night. Brrr….

We spent the first night (when the storm hit) in the basement. The second night (when the house was considerably colder) we brought the mats and blankets up into the homeschool room. We all slept in front of the fireplace.

This morning our power has finally been restored.

We’ve been able to make calls out, but all the lines are down to my folks up in New Jersey. They’re about 12 miles from the shore. I’ve seen pictures on the news of the devastation of Point Pleasant, NJ (a beach fairly close to where they live) so I’m hoping they’re doing well. I think I mentioned in a previous post that as they were preparing for the storm my step-Mom slipped on the stairs and wound up having to go into the emergency room. She has a sprained ankle and contusions of the chest/ribs. They were home well before the storm hit, though, so I’m hoping they’re sitting tight just waiting for the power to come back on. I know my Dad had done as much preparation as he could.

How You Can Help

One more thing, I know there are blood shortages in our area and they are asking for donations. The Red Cross is conducting blood drives in unaffected states as more than 100 blood drives in areas affected by Sandy’s path have been halted.  All blood types are needed, officials said, but especially:

  • types O-positive,
  • O-negative,
  • A-negative
  • and B-negative blood.

That’s it for us–best wishes to everyone as they clean up from the storm. Were you affected?

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  2. October 31, 2012

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