The Hurricane Really Affects Our Area

The storm is really building up and gusts are expected to reach more than 70 or 80 mph here. As many of you know everything from the New York Stock Exchange to the Federal Government have shut down. All the public schools in our area are closed both today (Monday, as I write this) and tomorrow (Tuesday, when this will post). Already more than 10,000 people are without power in our area. I’m sure our turn is coming soon. The first tree is down in our yard and the trees are swaying wildly.

As I said yesterday, school is still in session here at the Homeschool Den. The kids were excited to do school with Dad for a change!

Funny enough, knowing the storm is coming we’ve been cooking and baking up a storm. I even made an apple pie! (I used this apple pie recipe from Allrecipes and it was terrific.) With hubby home (his work is closed) it makes for a cuddly time for us.

As my folks were getting ready for the storm (in central New Jersey about 12 miles from the Jersey shore), my step-Mom took a terrible tumble and has deep contusions of her chest and ribs and a terrible sprained ankle.  🙁  I feel bad for her.  Hopefully, that’s the worst we all experience.

The full affects of the storm will be setting in overnight. If we have power I’ll try to update the post (if you read this sentence then the power is down here.)


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