Math Dice Game: Mmm Brains

With Halloween right around the corner it seems only fitting that I bring up this game, Mmm Brains. It sounds gruesome, but it’s really just a dice game which requires addition and multiplication.  It brings the kids running, so you can’t beat that, right?!

This game has five dice with the numbers 1-5 and a brain on each side.  Then there are lots of counters (red brains=5 and white brains=1). Finally, for the second phase of the game there are color cards.

First Phase of the Game:

In the first part of the game, players take turns tossing the five dice. The object is to gather as many points as you can. You have to collect one color numbers and as many brains (of any color) as you can. You get 3 rolls on your turn.

Then you add the numbers together and multiply that by the number of brains you have:

Here’s another example: If on your turn you collected a yellow 3 and a yellow 2 and three brains, they you would get 5 x 3 or 15 points.

Or, if another player got a blue 4 and blue 3 and just one brain then he would get 7 x 1 or 7 brains.

Phase 2:

During the second phase of the game each player chooses a color card.  Players take turns trying to steal brains away from the other players. On Player 1’s turn he would toss the dice. He would then look at the dice and take that number of brains away from a player with the same color card.

In the picture below DD rolled a green 1 and a green 3. She targeted ED who has to give her 4 white brains:

The game ends when only one player has brains left or when Mom says it’s time to go!!

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