Cooperative Games: The Secret Door

We have several cooperative games that we play pretty regularly.  I love that there is no winner or loser!  A few weeks ago we borrowed another cooperative game from a friend called, The Secret Door. It was a huge hit with all of my kids!

In this game there are clock cards and object cards.

Set Up: Before the game starts you place three object cards behind the wooden door. These are the objects the robber has taken off with.  Then you place all the rest of the cards (mixed up) upside-down in the various rooms of the house.

To Play: The players take turns flipping over a card. If the player gets an object (such as a crown or a necklace) she places the object on the bottom row. If she turns over a clock card she covers one of the clocks at the top.

To Win the Game: The object of the game is to figure out what three objects the robber has hidden behind the secret door before time runs out and all the clocks are covered at the top.

If you are interested in cooperative games for your kids, you might want to look at one of my previous posts.  My 4 year old still loves Lost Puppies and Hoot Owl. We play Lost Puppies two to four times a week still!  I had a post about them last year here: Preschool Board Games.

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