Games for Thinking and Learning: Blink

This is a series about the logic and critical thinking games we play in our homeschool.  We have a table in our homeschool room and I rotate in new games a couple of times a week. These are all games we’ve acquired for schooling and/or for fun (I haven’t received them to review).

Today I’m going to highlight a card game called Blink that is a great game for preschoolers on up. I remember playing this with LD when he was just under three, though we modified it to be just color or shape. We love this game and play it a lot. In fact, this is the card game I often have in my purse for waits at the doctors office or at restaurants!

Each player is dealt seven cards. Each player takes a turn placing a card that somehow matches the card in the discard pile — either by shape (lightning, tear-drop, triangles, etc.), color or number of shapes on the card.

Here DD is playing a blue flower card on blue stars:


 Here DD is playing one star on one moon.



If your kids are up to a bigger challenge you may be interested in a game I highlighted a couple of weeks ago called Set. Rather than one-one-one matching,  Set  challenges you to see sets of three cards. In Set you just have to remember that if two are __ and one is not, then it’s not a set… all three cards need to be the same or all three cards in a set have to be different. Click this link to see more about the card game, Set.

For other games I’ve highlighted in this series such as Acuity, Zoologic, Clever Castle and others this link on this link, Games for Thinking and Learning.


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  1. December 1, 2013

    […] more about the card game Blink here (great for ages 3 and […]

  2. December 1, 2013

    […] more about the card game Blink here (great for ages 3 and […]

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