The Mansion with 32 Secret Doors!!

Have you ever dreamed of visiting an almost magical hotel with secret doors hidden everywhere and art, antiques and nick-nacks of every shape, size and description? It has over 20,000 books and 15,000 pieces of art. It’s a mansion that just begs for exploration — and that’s what our family did spending more nearly five hours exploring every nook and cranny trying to find some of the 32 hidden doors in the small, luxury hotel, the “Mansion on O Street.”

The hotel has housed dignitaries, business leaders, artists, musicians, scientists, and entertainers.  You can come for a short day visit (as we did) or stay overnight or long term.

They have self-guided tours and other activity tours. Visit their website, “O Street Museum.”

Spoiler Alert! Don’t view the pictures if you can ever make it to Washington D.C. to see this fabulous museum!

Here’s the entrance to the Mansion on O Street… it just looks like an ordinary building, but houses such intriguing antiques and has such allure with the mystery and suspense of finding those secret doors!

Okay, last warning–if you’re interested in visiting don’t peek at the secret doors we found!

Secret Doors!

And more exploration led to more secret doors and the hidden away wine cellar! In the middle picture, LD is pulling the pantry shelves to open another hidden door!

What an awesome day (and I haven’t even shown you some of the most intriguing doors we found). Those’ll have to remain secret — for now. If you ever get a chance try to visit this place. It was really neat!

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