Garden Science

Who knew that our garden flowers could be so fascinating?! We have hydrangeas and only just now learned why they have different colors. They are affected by the pH of the soil and by the amount of sunlight they receive.

A blue hydrangea means that there is aluminum in the soil. The flowers turn blue in highly acidic soil.


A pink hydrangea means that the pH of the soil is quite high.


The varying amount of light hydrangeas receive also affect the color of the flowers. Flowers planted right next to one another will also vary in color depending on the amount of shade and sun they have during the day.


  If you are interested in doing garden science with your kids, here are some of things we’ve done in the past. We also highly recommend the Junior Master Gardener curriculum put out by Texas A&M University.

More about that curriculum in this post here.


Hope you’re enjoying your summer! ~Liesl

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