Gymnastics Awards

This is just a proud Mama moment. When we moved to the States from Australia, we noticed a gym fairly near where we live.  LD had enjoyed gymnastics overseas and it seemed like a good activity to have the kids in during the heat of summer and cold of winter. It helped fill the ‘phys ed’ part of our homeschool.  Now two years later, the kids all still love their gymnastics classes!  LD is doing really well and is moving up to team gymnastics in July.  At his meet last month he metaled in all six events.

Grams and Gramps got the kids a trampoline for Christmas (we bought it about a month ago, though) and the kids are all flipping away (and getting lots of exercise!).  Here are some pictures of LD doing backflips again and again and again!

ED (age 4) made some impressive leaps this year too.  She can now climb easily to the top of the 40 foot rope! All three of the kids climbed the ropes for our gym’s end of year gymnastics ceremony — ED on the knotted one, the other two on the plain ropes. LD went up and down twice, though during his normal practice he goes up & down three times.

I’m so impressed by their strength and flexibility. I was not a gymnast (I’m a long distance runner), so I’m amazed by what the kids can do! Here are a couple other pictures of the kids:

DD above and LD on the rings below:

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