Long O Word Sort – Freebie – Space Themed

It probably comes as no surprise that we’ve been into the shuttle this past week or so! We use All About Spelling and I made a word sort that goes along with volume three (though since it’s a simple sort you can use it with your kids any time even if you don’t use All About Spelling). This is a space-themed word sort for long-o words. Just so you know ‘o-e’ means ‘o silent e’ as in ‘hope’ where as ‘oe’ is for words like ‘hoe and foe.’

You can download your own copy of the Long O Word Sort here.

I printed page 1 in full size and printed the other pages two-per-page.

I made something similar a few months ago for the Long A words.  Visit this post for the link to that freebie.

LD’s been reading lots about the Space Shuttle and is into all things Space Shuttle related!  That’s his drawing above.

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